Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Meeting up: old contact, new technology

Meeting up: old contact, new technology
I was leaving school today and colleagues were setting up a display for an event tomorrow. Nothing unusual there, we are a busy school and there is an almost endless series of events to arrange. So what caught my attention? It turns out that visitors tomorrow include representatives from universities around Europe and one of the universities especially caught my eye. When I worked in Madrid I organized an annual universities fair at my school and one of the most visited stands was a new university which had grown from an institution which was originally a business school.
It was surprising, at first, that this untested university attracted so much interest among my students. Later I spoke to a number of parents and they explained what was happening: since the parents had such positive experiences of studying post-grad courses at the business school it was natural that they encouraged their children to explore the school’s emerging university.
Since the university in question was so open to ideas I arranged several contact events, including a visit to their beautiful out of town campus for young people from Beijing.
Who will be there tomorrow representing this institution? Will it be the same person who came to my school in Madrid and who welcomed our visitors from China?
Even if it is the same person, will s/he remember me?
After all, 7 years have passed and so much has happened in that time.
I confess I am not as young as I was and maybe I have changed more than I think.
What is the point of the new technology reference in the title of this post?
Quite simply, this is my first blog post made entirely on my ipad: I am writing this text on Notes and hope to copy and paste it into the blog for publishing.
If you are reading this it means it has worked. My students in Years 7&8 are asked to work extensively on their ipads: if I ask something of my students I should try it myself, don’t you think?
And what about my visitor to school from years gone by?
More of that shortly.....

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