Monday 20 June 2011

International music festival Villa de Medinaceli, Spain

Ruben Yessayan will open the International Music Festival “Villa de Medinaceli” on 2 July, when his piano recital will include works by Liszt and Chopin.

I heard Ruben Yessayan play in New York in 2004 when he was finishing his postgraduate studies at the Manhattan School of Music. On that occasion he played a programme of chamber music centred on works by Bela Bartok which the composer wrote while he lived in New York. It was a fascinating concert that combined high quality music following an intelligent theme and an unbeatable standard of performance. He very generously arranged for my students who were visiting from Europe to attend the concert.
Since then, Ruben Yessayan has returned to Europe to continue his successful career as a soloist. He has also been busy in the recording studio, with a new addition to his catalogue about to be available.

Medinaceli is a historic town about 160 km from Madrid, not to be confused with the church of Medinaceli in the capital, which is the focus of mass expressions of devotion, especially at Easter time.

The international music festival “Villa de Medinaceli” is now in its fifth year. To put that in context, it started in Spain’s boom times when sponsors were quick to support quality arts events as one more element in their marketing strategy. I think the organizers are to be congratulated on continuing to offer the same high quality in the current adverse economic conditions.
The festival programmme is truly international, while still retaining that essential Spanish flavor which is part of its attraction. The historic town of Medinaceli offers a fairytale setting which is not to be missed.
Follow Ruben Yessayan in his journey from Manhattan to Medinaceli: it’s a trip worth making.

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