Friday 15 July 2011

Live painting by Yoshi Sislay at Vinçon in Barcelona

Vinçon is an amazing shop the Eixample district of Barcelona, the golden mile of style and chic in one of Europe’s coolest destinations.

 The building itself is amazing, running as it does through long corridors which connect  streets on several sides of the block, though with the main entrance on Passeig de Grácia, the street lined with fascinating and original architectural wonders.
At Vinçon you can buy everything from a child’s toy to a spoon to a Kenwood Chef mixer, and upstairs there is a furniture and decoration section which must be among the most striking in Europe. Truth is that almost all the people who work at this shop are artists, as seen by the originality of just everything, but there is one nominated artist, Yoshi Sislay, who has been handed an empty room with bare white walls and given two weeks to paint it. Hmmm, not bad, and he even has time to chat to customers who wander in to follow his progress.

Yoshi Sislay was born in Osaka in 1974 and has now settled in Barcelona. He calls the exhibition Ambitious and Natural and the spiraling, intertwining figures were taking beautiful shape the day I was there. 

So far it was mainly black and white, but some colour had started to appear: not sure whether at the painter’s hands or generated by the magical figures he has created.
Well, take a look for yourself, go there or go here:

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