Sunday 2 January 2011

From Potential to Playstation…YPD

I was talking to Miguel Montero, one of YPD’s directors yesterday and he said YPD is growing gradually, moving one step at a time, and he is pleased with progress.
Gradually is not a word I associate with the massive step the YPD team have taken after the huge success of their pilot summer course which you can find discussed in an earlier post. After only one summer school the team are not only filling up the limited number of places for next summer, but have embarked on a new version of the YPD credo which will see round the year coaching in state of the art facilities housed in a brand new building a stone’s throw from the Bernabeu stadium  at Paseo de la Habana number 63, the YPD Institute.
Among the courses on offer :
  • Junior Masters in Communication and Creativity –  twice weekly sessions for 15 to 18 year olds, designed to complement school  life
  • Mini-master Clik in Communication – also twice weekly sessions this time for 18 – 22 year olds, designed to add value and meaning to an undergraduate university experience
Impossible to explain all the facilities  YPD plan to offer , and to make available throughout the week to those who are signed up for courses: drop-in common rooms to chill creatively; gym and sports equipment and a multi-media production studio.
Parents are welcome to join their daughters and sons for two special event formats:
  • Coffee, cup cakes & communication
  • Breakfast with…
In the C C & C events Friday evenings will smooth their way into the weekend in the company of great speakers and like minded souls. At the breakfast events star speakers will share their thoughts up-close with a limited invitation only audience: among the first guest speakers are Alex Rovira and Mario Vargas Llosa.
There is a payment for parents for the special events, proceeds of which will go towards grant-aiding deserving candidates in YPD courses.
The emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility which was such a strong element in the YPD summer course   will feature again in the Institute: collaboration with Ashoka and other Citizen Sector Organisations will lead to social action project experience in Nepal as the final exercise of the course.
As Franco Soldi explained recently, the Institute will stand on the 4 pillars of YPD:
Energy, Creativity, Communication and Leadership.
Playstation? Sony Playstation will launch a game in modeled on the Clik for communication mind-set in the near future, and are working with YPD to develop the world’s first conference presentation simulator. Where will it be field tested? At the YPD institute in Madrid, of course.
See you there.

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