Friday 30 October 2020

Emily in Paris …. And her dad


There is nothing that Phil Collins cannot do. He is like a walking history of British pop music. Founding Genesis, creating endless memorable tunes and clever lyrics. Working as a solo artist, thoughtful songs including Another Day in Paradise and many more, playing successfully in so many styles, drumming and singing his way on and on. The only artist to perform for Live Aid in London and Philadelphia on the same day, thanks to Concorde.

If you are too young to know about all this, google it. If you are old enough to remember all this, be happy to have been able to witness such great moments, even though, like me, it might have been from a distance.

Then there is Emily, well Lily Collins, star of the Netflix series. I loved watching the whole thing and  laughed a lot, in the right places I am sure. Sight seeing around Paris from home, even taking a weekend trip to the countryside to visit a chateau with matching vineyard, the food, the restaurants, the clothes, the Opera, brilliant.

Some people have complained that it is not a realistic picture of Paris. They are welcome to read the World Bank statistical reports if they want realism, but this show is perfect for these crazy times.

Also great to see so many wonderful French actors. I recognise some from Call my Agent, which is also set in Paris and is so good I am looking forward to another series. If you want more views of Paris, but of a more gritty nature, look out for The Eddy, a brilliant series set in a Parisian jazz club. Great actors and superb original jazz music, written for the show.

Hoping to hear and see more of daughter and father soon

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