Thursday 29 October 2020

Happy stories: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


This photo tells not just one happy story, but numerous happy stories. First because the LP itself is packed with so much great music that stays fresh long after its release in 1973.

Then there are so many happy memories of listening to this music with school friends as a teenager, and loving how the songs resonated with our adolescent angst.

Then there’s the twin story of a class mate, let’s call her M. She was as madly a fan of Elton John as the rest of us and one day in late 1974 she was absent from school. We were never absent, nobody ever stayed home, so this was remarkable. Even more remarkable when word got out that she had taken the day off to go into the city centre to queue for tickets, yes a quaint custom from days past, to queue for tickets for the Elton John Wembley concert planned for June 1975.  She ended up with real tickets for a real stadium show, and this was a big deal for our Liverpool tribe.

Jealous is not the word.

As it turned out, Sir Elton’s headline act was something of a damp squib, as he explains very honestly in his autobiography, no need for details here.

Still, M made the trip to London and had a great time, and we were glad for her.

End of story, no.

A couple of years ago I was given a birthday gift of a beautiful glass figure by my sisters. They said they had seen it in a classy shop of specialist pieces in glass sculptures in the Albert Dock area of Liverpool city centre, and recognised the entrepreneur/owner, and it turned out to be my old friend M. 

So here you have one photo with lots of happy memories.

I don’t know where you are now, M, but I hope you are very happy and that you still enjoy listening as much as I do to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

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