Friday 4 February 2011

Chinese students visit the IE University Campus in Segovia, Spain

The IE University in Segovia is a brand new institution located in a historical setting. The university itself is less than a decade old, but it has its roots in the well established IE Business School in Madrid, ranked among the Top 10 worldwide and the Top 5 in Europe.

The Admissions office kindly invited eleven students from the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, from Beijing, accompanied by their teacher, Mrs. Du Fang, to spend a day in Segovia as part of their stay in Madrid organised through my school.

The students had been fully prepared for their visit by Mrs Du Fang, and were very excited at the prospect of seeing the Roman aqueduct up close.

The Beijing group were given an introductory talk and a tour of the academic facilities on campus and were introduced to two Chinese undergraduate students from Shanghai. IE University has links with the Renmin University of China, which has one of Asia’s leading economics faculties.

The IE University is housed in a set of historic buildings which have been used over the centuries for many purposes: convent, prison and hospital among them.

An expert guide explained the many fascinating features of the building, the main part of which dates from the 15th century. However, other parts of the building date from the 12th century, and there are remains dating back to the Roman civilisation as far back as 400 AD.

The building has been skilfully refurbished and equipped with radio and tv studios and lecture rooms.
It is said that the queen Isabel la Católica signed the decree to send Christopher Columbus to explore the New World in one of the salons of the former convent.

The IE University represents a fascinating example of contemporary higher education in the West for our guests from Asia: its courses are flexible and multidisciplinary and are underpinned by an international outlook oriented toward the world of future employment.

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