Saturday 19 February 2011

IE University…”the Oxford of southern Europe”

I had a fascinating conversation with a former student yesterday. He has been in England for a year and is planning to enroll on an undergraduate course in Architecture in Spain for October 2011.

He said he is looking at various options, and one that keeps coming up is the IE University, in Segovia, near Madrid. You can read more about the IE University in previous posts, specifically the post about a visit of students from Beijing to IE University  in January 2011.
The interesting thing about my conversation with my former student is that he said he had heard so much about IE University, for instance, that the internships arranged by the university include the most prestigious companies in each sector, and that visiting faculty members include visitors from world renowned institutions such as Harvard.
The curious thing about the IE University is that that it has yet to produce its first graduating class, as it only opened as an undergraduate university very recently. It is housed in historic buildings in Segovia.
In spite of its short history, the IE University is already recognised as an innovative centre of learning in Spain. My young visitor said to me that he has heard that IE University, “Is on its way to becoming the Oxford of southern Europe.”  

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